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          Contact Us

          • Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.
          • Address:No. 3, Jingu Road, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
          • Website:http://www.ybdispurt.com/
          • https//plastering.en.alibaba.com/
          • +86 577 8652 9932
          • +86 577 8652 9637
          • Contact: Jason
          • Cell / Whatsapp / Wechat: +86 157 5776 1221
          • Email: sales01@cngcjx.com

          Enterprise culture core -------- people-oriented

          Enterprise goals -------- create first-class science and technology enterprises, to maintain industry leading position. Want to compete with internationally renowned brands

          Enterprise mission -------- create intelligent construction machinery manufacturing base

          Enterprise values -------- sincere industry for the base, the letter for the business of the soul

          Medium and long-term development plan -------- build industry-renowned international brands, the formation of international industry pattern

          Enterprise style --------- pragmatic, pioneering, enterprising, innovative

          entrepreneurial spirit --------- dream, pursuit, hard work, hard work

          Wenzhou Wengong Engineering Machinery Company Ltd.|Grouting machine, mortar pump, mortar pump, mortar spraying machine, concrete machinery

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